CapsiCards® System

Performing quality, enhancing efficiency

The unique combination of the CapsiCards® Machine and the CapsiCards®.
Designed in close collaboration with compounding pharmacists, the CapsiCards® System provides you the total solution for easy and efficient capsule filling.

Premium quality
The unique design features ensure:
• Repeatability; consistent fill weights with each batch.
• Precision; prepare according to Pharmacopoeia guidelines.
• Reduced powder static and minimised powder loss; all metal parts are stainless steel.
• Hygienic processing by using CapsiCards®.
• Durability.
• Food grade certified plastic parts, compliant to EU Regulation 10 / 2011.
• 100% separation.
• Prevention of capsule dents.

Optimise your capsule filling processes:
• Easy to use.
• Time saving; up to 35% faster than other capsule filling systems.
• High output; fill up to 120 capsules in 5 to 7 minutes.
• Efficiency enhancing accessories included. Faster capsule ejection and capsule locking.
• Flexibility; order change parts for the capsule size you need. You do not need to buy a full machine for each size.
• Easy capsule size changes. Change capsule size in just seconds.
• Easy cleaning: 100% dishwasher safe.

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