CapsiCards® Machine

The CapsiCards® Machine is the premium quality hand-held capsule filling device. The patented design features and accessories ensure high performance and ease of use. The CapsiCards® Machine is extremely flexible. Order Filler Change Parts for the capsule size you need. You do not need to buy a full machine for each capsule size.

Filler Base Kit and Filler Change Parts
A full CapsiCards® Machine for one capsule size consists of: a Filler Base kit and a set with Filler Change Parts. Filler ChangeParts are available in capsule size 00 to size 4. The Filler Base Kit is the base of each CapsiCards® Machine. It is compatible with Filler Change Parts of all capsule sizes (00 to 4). Filler Change Parts are ordered separately from the Filler Base Kit. The benefit is that the customer does not need to buy a full machines for each capsule size.

The Filler Base Kit will come in a box and contains the following eight items:
• Filler Base.
• Powder Tray.
• Powder Tray Clamps (2).
• Powder Spreader.
• 5-pin Tamper.
• Adapter.
• Pusher.
• Capsule locker.

Filler Change Parts are ordered separately, each box contains the following five items:
• Caps Tray with Locking Plate.
• Body Sheets (3).
• Spacer Plate.

Technical support is provided through illustrated manuals, demonstration videos and our customer services, please click on the respective tab for more information.